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Eloisa Aguilera
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principals
Travis Ancelet
Head Band Director
Dionne Ayodele
Mathematics Inclusion
Mallory Beach
6th-8th Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Natori Blue
7th Grade ELA Teacher
Leigh Boatman
Yvette Bradford
Assistant Principal
Ashley Brunette
FAC Teacher
Stephanie Cabrera
7th Grade ELA Teacher
Joseph Chaneski
Spanish Teacher
Brenda L. Cohen
Counselor M-Z
Patti Cole
FAC Lead Teacher
David Cooper
7th Grade Texas History Teacher
Valarie Cortes
6th Grade Science
Amy Cowan
Cristy Crowder
Art Teacher
Natosha Daniels
Instructional Technology Specialist
Heather Davis
6th Grade Reading Intervention Teacher
Anna Debalski
ELA- Reading Specialist
Elizabeth Dees
Gateway and Technology Applications Teacher
Christy Dempsey
8th Grade Math Interventionist
Stephanie Dolter
ESL Teacher
Lena Dominguez
Algebra/Geometry/8th grade Math
Marbel Donosso
Attendance Specialist
Jessica Eisele
Art Teacher
Dr. Patricia Ephlin
Rodolfo (Kino) Esparza
Paraprofessional (Special Education)
Robert Ester
Educational Assistant III (Special Education Title I)
Alicia Estrada
Educational Assistant II
Mariah Faust
Theater Arts Teacher
Eleanor Gahchan
Educational Assistant III (Special Education Title I)
Kate Galinat
Parent Community Specialist
Noemi Gamas
Silvia Giebitz
Spanish Teacher
Jennifer Gregorcyk
6th Grade Math Teacher
Daisy Guerrero
Parent Community Specialist
Damalu Hamrick
IB Design Teacher
Nicole Hawkins
6th Grade Math Teacher
Emilee Hinegardner
IB Coordinator
Tyler Jones
PE/ Athletics
April Kinney
Theatre Arts Teacher
Lindsey Knight
Speech Language Pthologist
Nicole LaDestro
Reading Specialist
Edwin Lampe
7th Grade Texas History Teacher
Michelle Leonard
7th Grade Science Teacher
Sarah Martinez
Choir Director
Dayana Martinez
Front Entrance Receptionist
Nompumelelo Masuku
Girls Athletics Coordinator
Ladee Maxie
8th Grade Math Teacher
Jaclyn McJunkin
Teacher- Spanish
Tulullah McKinly
Educational Assistant III - Special Education
Daisy Medina
Spanish Teacher
Lisa Mierkiewicz
6th Grade SPED ELA Teacher
Amanda Morales
Educational Assistant III - Special Education
Natalie Nichter-Ramirez
6th Grade ELA Teacher
Ollie O’Connor
8th Grade Math
Victoria Ochoa
6th-7th Assistant Dance Teacher
Eileen Patton
6th Grade World Cultures Teacher
Kelly Perch
6th Grade Science
Gracie Pereida
Jennifer Phillips
6th Grade History
Lyndsey Pounds
Akea Powell
6th Grade World Cultures Teacher
Mariana Puentes
Educational Assistant II - Special Education
Barbara Queen
ARD Facilitator
Tammyfern Reininger
8th Grade Reading Intervention Teacher
Shelby Reiswig
Educational Assistant II/ ISS
Ima Richburg
7th Grade Math/ 6th TAG Teacher
Leopoldo Rodriguez
Education Assistant II (Special Education Title I)
Kayla Roman-Wensing
8th Grade Science Teacher
Cindy Rose
Teacher-Special Education
Gabriel Sanchez
7th Grade Applied Math Teacher/Soccer Coach
Jennifer Santos
7th Grade Math/ 7th accel Teacher
Jean Sarre
7th Grade Science Teacher
Hanna Schulz
Samuel Smith
Educational Assistant III (Special Education Title I)
Ryan Smosna
CTE & Yearbook Teacher
Jessica Streu
8th Grade Science Teacher
Karen Stringer
7th Grade SPED ELA Teacher
Darrin Strong
Inclusion Teacher, Athletics Coach
Xochitl Swords
Dance Director
Richard Swords
MaryHelen Tamayo
Educational Assistant II (Math)
Stephen Teal
Assistant Principal
Jeremy Thompson
Assistant Principal
Chenita Toler
Special Education Teacher (FOCUS)
Debra Torres
ARD Office Assistant
Wendy Tucker
Cherri Urban
Library Assistant
Brittany Vargesko
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Amanda West
Assistant Band Director
Taune Whitaker
8th Grade History
Philip Williams
Campus Athletic Coordinator
Canetra Winn
David Wolbrueck
Teacher- Inclusion
Robin Yanez
Administrative Associate to Principal
Lesle Young
ESL/ Social Studies Teacher
Kimberly Zielnicki
Orchestra Director
Kimberly Zielnicki
Orchestra Teacher